How to start rolling ?


How to order - Payment - Forwardingcosts


To order your Rollershoes is really easy: look at the different types and make your choice. To choose the right size: e.g.: take the size of the innersole of your sports shoes and look here at the comparative scale.

Having found the right model: go the the detailed orderform, by clicking on "order" and also choosing the right size.

Spare wheels and sets for the protection of the knees, ellbows and whrists can also be ordered at € 9,95,-/set,  in black, blue and pink.

When ordering please mention all your data and mail them to us. You will at once receive an e-mail confirming your order.
Simultaneously Roller shoes receives your order and will contact you for the further handling of it.

Payment by creditcard, paypal or bankaccount :

Belgium :



Europees nr : IBAN : BE05 7374 4400 1375



The price of the Rollershoes mentioned on the webshop covers the mailingcost for Belgium and the Netherlands.
If you wish to know the costs involved for a certain delivery place, other than Belgium, send us an e-mail. Mailingcosts are mentioned for one parcel, even if there are 1, 2, 3 or more pairs of shoes in it.

Mailings are sent from monday till saturday. The day of arrival of your parcel is depending on the country of destination. Delivery in 3-4 working days. ( Express delivery possible).


You do not find the information you are looking for? No problem: send us an e-mail about your questions and we will gladly anwser them as soon as possible without any obligation for you to buy anything.